Who are we ?

The J.I Geo network is supported by the CNFG (National French Geography Commitee) Our objective is to launch, extend and make this international network of PhD students in geography last.

Our Goals are

To promote and strengthen exchanges between PhD students involved in a geography related approach, on an international scale.

To suggest new perspectives within existing concepts of geography in the context of international epistemological opening of our discipline.

To combine our disciplinary, scientific practices and approach in order to mutually enrich our methodologies. .

To communicate on the diversity and research wealth based in geography in order to promote it as a way to study various topics.

The J.I Geo network meetingss

The network's meeting will be planned as an event that will give life to the J.I Geo network. Through an original format, we wish to :

- Create spaces for discussions allowing constructive scientific exchanges;

- Adopt a cooperative approach by encouraging several doctoral students from different geographical backgrounds to propose articles together;

- Bring an original vision of communication formats (including field sessions) that may be of scientific interest to communicators and network members.

The first doctoral meeting is planned for mid-November 2022 and will focus on "New ways of looking at geography: epistemology, methodology and reflexivity" which we hope will continue over time.

The network 

The main goal here is to create and emulate scientific partnerships around geography and its practices, to discuss methods, disciplines but also the operating frameworks of PhDs in different countries.

The creation of a doctoral student directory will promote communication between the network members and the launch of various collective and international activities (communications in colloquiums, invitations to research stays, publications, investigations, etc.). We wish to schedule regular meetings in order to promote and enhance cooperation and sharing of practices in geography between PhD students.

The GDRP of this directory is stated at the beginning of the form.

You can find the link to the questionnaire here and to the questionnaire here

The team

A small group of doctoral students has formed with the same desire to propose an international network. Seeking to open up to research from all geographical horizons, this team was formed in order to propose a medium allowing the constitution of a network between PhD students. The desire was extended by the constitution and organisation of a scientific event allowing the valorisation of these exchanges - the Doctorales - in an attempt to institute a regular meeting time.

The team is distinguished by its desire to diversify the objects of study, the themes and the methodologies. A diversity of laboratories are represented and, in the image of contemporary geography, transdisciplinarity and openness appear essential within this research and exchange group. It continues to build itself and is looking for new members, to continue to bring new perspectives and bring additional energy to the implementation of our objectives.

Join us

We are hiring new members to organize doctoral programs and develop J.I Geo .

If you wish to join us, do not hesitate to contact us by mail : J.i.geographers@gmail.com

Please note...

The logo and the name of the J.I Geo network are inspired by a series of figurines called G.I. JOE. An elite team supposedly created by the President of the United States, with the purpose to carry out special missions. The name Joe refers to the generic name of American soldiers. We chose to refer to these dolls of international "scope". We are the "Joes" of today's multicultural and multifaceted geography.

We would like to mention to our readers and members that we do not, in any way, advocate territorial interferences or armed deployments. We are a team of PhD students in geography and our mission is to animate an international, transnational, cross border and universalistic network.